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Tenth Legion Fitness was founded with the mission of changing lives. Having been in Glen Cove since 1998 training multiple clients we have observed that exercise alone is not enough to make significant changes. Experience shows us that to produce the best results a comprehensive approach is required, to show people that making a lifestyle change does not only include exercise but good nutrition and a focused mind as well. That in short is the mission that sets Tenth Legion Fitness apart from everywhere else. We do not succeed as an organization without the individual success of our clients. We take the fitness journey with all our clients so that no matter what your starting point looks like if you put in the work – we WILL get you results. Located inside Glen Cove Fitness, Tenth Legion offers Out Signature Comprehensive Body Transformation Program, world-class Personal Training, and Small Group High-Intensity Interval Training.


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Tenth Legion Fitness, LLC

44 School Street

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