Achieve Your Total Body Transformation at Tenth Legion Fitness

Losing 20+ pounds and making the decision to accomplish a total body transformation takes commitment and determination. However, it’s almost impossible to do alone.

That’s why at Tenth Legion Fitness, we offer one-on-one fitness coaching and small-group training.

Our exclusive program offers:

Increased accountability – studies have shown that the more accountability people have, the more likely they were to stick to their goals.

Education about health, fitness, nutrition, and your body – we aren’t there “just” to make you sweat. The more you learn about the ‘why’ of how things work, the more you can make wise decisions.

Goal setting – in order to succeed, you need to start with realistic and obtainable goals based on your body type and abilities.

A customized plan – we will determine your strengths, weaknesses, and overall health to determine a fitness and nutrition plan that will give you the results you want.

Nutritional training – Proper nutrition is a major part of achieving your health goals. We will give you the meal plans and tools needed for success.

If you think that a total body transformation is beyond your reach, you’re wrong! At Tenth Legion Fitness, in Glen Cove, NY, we know what it takes to reach your health and fitness goals. We’ve created safe and effective exercise training and proper nutrition programs to specifically align with each of our client’s needs. Located inside Glen Cove Fitness at 44 School St, Glen Cove, NY, it’s an easy drive from outlying areas such as Sea Cliff, Oyster Bay, Bayville, and Glen Head, NY.

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